The Society of Truth

Have you ever been lied to?

Was it by someone you trusted?

   Fiends and Foe alike will be dishonest with you but what about institutions? Is it possible that trusted institutions like the main-stream media or even public education have been systematically deceiving the masses? What about the elected officials of California? Can we trust those that we’ve elected to serve us?
    We believe individual liberty and well-being is necessarily dependent upon an open and honest society. Our goal is to ensure Californians with direct access and a platform for learning and sharing the one thing we all want… the truth!
  'Truth behind the news' is one goal of the "Society of Truth" and "Toast to the Truth" outreach. Our main purpose: accuracy in informing you; then you engage and inform others. We gather together to share the truth. "The truth can bridge the divide and bring unity".
"Consider joining our movement simply with our video information we share.
#Find one, share one, change one...mind"...Tom 


$ 50.00 USD

Membership is easy, affordable and will allow us to continue our work at a professional level. It is not tax deductible but it is appreciated.
Toast the the Truth This is our "Mission" a monthly meeting in the Southern California vicinity. "We Are The Event That Comes To You". The meetings are held  in homes, or a local businesses of interest in the community. Let us know if you wish to be a host home. Our presentations which are deeply researched and well organized are considered by most to be "an inspiration".
"We are putting the social back in social media." Tom


This is who we are and how we got started. Under the direction of CEO Tom Kirk we are volunteers with a mission armed with a passion. We have a patriotic respect for the United States of America and we believe in God. We get our news from reliable sources. Why? Accurate infomation is empowerment and empowered people are at peace. 
CEO Tom Kirk: Tom is the vision for the project. Founder.He is brilliant, and informed. A financial advisor by trade. He worked the campaign of the current President of the United States. "This is a bipartisan project, truth crosses political lines and is imperative in continuing our  republic". 

Dr. Rebecca is the secretary and treasurer. She is the host of "Real Women Real Talk Radio" and along with her husband John support the vision of Tom and the Toast to the Truth because 'media matters'.
Nancy Jane is the benefactor of the organization. She believes in the vision and so did her husband 'Gene'. Proceeds from his lifes work are donated to IFS. For more information go to:
Events Coordinator
 Joe Panzarello is local coordinator for the "John Birch Society"and he is a frequent guest speaker with his finger on the pulse of the issues at large. 


He obtained his BA from University of Utah in both History and International Relations with an emphasis in Russian Studies. He was a local volunteer for the Trump campaign . Favorite activity: Reading. Topics: History, Judeo-Christianity, Current Social Issues. Passions: Sports, Animals, Law, Truth. Influences are Alex Jones of Infowars, Wayne Dyer, Studs Terkel and TS Lewis. "My main goal is to expose the deceptions of the mainstream media, in doing so my desire is to change a persons perspective. The left-right paradigm keeps people divided. We have got to start focusing on the truth which is the only thing that will unite us"....Tom

Tom Kirk


"This is my first deep dive into the realm of activism. I am a Military Veteran as an AirForce Officer a direct descendent of Robert E Lee and a Patriot. I chose conservatism as a spectator, when I watched liberalism fail. For me accurate news consumption is as vital as the war for your belief system. It is fundamental to my state of peace to understand and listen on a regular basis the truth in the news. When it was clear to me that selection in listening was my responsibility, the journey with journalists and hosts with integrity and truth were easier to access. This group is a once a month meeting but a daily dose of inspiration as the triumph is penetrating my being and being shared with others...Dr. Rebecca

Rebecca Tatum


Nancy Jane Smeets 

"Toast to the truth is a good glass of wine and a dose of the truth. My husband Gene was a victim of WWll whom taught me well the value of activating one self in the effort of free governments. #1 is information and education. The other main reason I am a part of this organization is simply because it is an inspiration". Nancy


Joe Panzarello

"The John Birch Society is a national organization with members and chapters in every state. My involvement as the Coordinator for JBS for Southern California involves keeping our issues, in California,  at the forefront of my activity"...Joe

That extensive knowledge is what he bring to this Society.


Our story...

Began with this quote from Alex Jones of infowars: "There's a war on for your mind!" Regarding the media there is a war for your mind and thoughts. Tom Kirk wants to be a good influence in a bipartisan manner as the goal...which is to know the truth about history and the current administration. "So many people are liberal you feel the need to protect yourself.  Now why is that in a free country for informed conservatives?" "In fear that we were going to loose our republic, making America Great again brings the relief with the present administration, however the bad press brings unnecessary pressures that can be dispelled with the truth. SOT is all about the truth. In this last election,  God intervened..."

Our theme song "Truth" is easy to listen to just click'play'.

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